User Testimonials


This place is a real stepping stone for people. You guys are doing good things. People who come here can really get a leg up and get job prospects, and find housing… and I know someone who just found a job.


I’ve been homeless the past year. I’ve been unemployed for the past two years, I lost my job when Covid hit.  I have a 19-year-old daughter. I lived in parks and on the streets, also in other shelters. I now get meals every day and a dry place to sleep. I’m creating relationships with the community and staff. I joined … Read more


I had nowhere to go and was told about Base Camp. I love that I have somewhere to get three meals a day and a bed. I am so thankful for LMM and the chance to feel normal. I would be living on the streets if it wasn’t for Base Camp.  The generosity of Lighthouse Mission and Base Camp has … Read more


I’ve been stuck down here (in his trailer) for a year. You could call it complacency, but I call it overwhelmed.

Kareesa & Thomas

Two years ago Kareesa lost her job at a daycare because of Covid. She was also going to school at the time. Within the same week of losing her job, her house burned down. She has a 6-year-old son and did not choose to be homeless.


I was working and living at the Super 8 hotel for 2.5 years until I was fired. Then I went to inpatient treatment and graduated. A friend told me about Base Camp and Thank God. It’s a straight blessing and serves as an excellent launch pad. My goals are to establish a legal parenting plan and to get visits with … Read more


I was a flood victim from November of last year. Base Camp has shared their compassion, plus food and shelter before and after surgery. God bless Base Camp.