What happened to the people who were living 910 W. Holly building?

We’ve done some shuffling! In early 2021, the Mission’s administrative office moved out of the New Life Center building at 923 W. Holly Street (across the street from the main Mission building) into a separate office located in downtown Bellingham. This gave us time to renovate the New Life Center building for the Ascent Recovery Program (which houses up to 35 … Read more

How is Lighthouse Mission ensuring everyone’s safety?

Having hosted three different crisis shelter locations and buildings, we have learned a lot about how to ensure the safety of those who are homeless, as well those who live and work in the neighborhood. The new building is designed based on those experiences and with safety in mind.   The site plans use Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), best-practice … Read more

Why are you moving from Base Camp?

In the years leading up to the pandemic, we were seeking a better suited location for our low-barrier crisis shelter. The Drop-In Center is a 100-year-old building that was never built to be a shelter and is not a viable long-term option for hosting people overnight.  We made the Drop-In Center work while we searched for a better option. But … Read more

What types of gifts are accepted?

We accept donations by check or credit/debit card, gifts of stock, property, donor advised funds, pledges (typically over the course of 2-3 years), and more. Contact us for more information. Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 548, Bellingham, WA 98227 with “New Building Project” in the memo line. Thank you!

What are other ways I can support the project?

One of the most important ways you can support the campaign is by joining us in prayer, asking that God would provide for this new building. We also encourage you to spread the word about the project amongst family, friends, and neighbors through email, social media, or over coffee.