Build Families-

Alexis grew up in foster care and was adopted at 17. Once she turned 18 she was kicked out and became homeless. That’s where she hit rock bottom.

“I started using [drugs] when I became homeless because I was just trying to survive and that was the only way I knew,” she said. “I didn’t have a whole lot of positive influences to look up to, so I just did what they did. Then I got pregnant, I was still homeless and that’s how I lost [custody of] my child.”

Alexis has been living at Agape Home for several months.

“I’ve been able to find work with the help of my case worker. I’m working towards getting my kiddo back in my care and I’ve started my recovery process and I’ve been sober living here. That, I’m pretty proud of. Since I’ve moved here, everyone has been really supportive and have helped me in my recovery. So I’m pretty blessed to have come to Lighthouse Mission.”


Alexis’ favorite things about Agape Home are the classes which have helped her build her self esteem and confidence.

She also enjoys living in community and said, ” We get along with everyone well and all the moms help each other out.  We’ve all had similarities in our lives and it’s nice to know I’m not alone.”

Her goals are to regain custody of her child and to maintain her sobriety using the tools she’s learned at Agape.

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