The next step in caring for neighbors who are homeless…

A new building that will more than replace Lighthouse Mission’s Base Camp, as well as provide enhanced, specialized care to families, the elderly, and those who require medical or mental health support.

The Project

At Lighthouse Mission, we know you want to do more to ease the rising homelessness crisis and transform lives in Whatcom county.  

Your heart aches as you see neighbors living on the streets without basic provisions and resources. 

The problem could get worse as Base Camp—the only crisis shelter in the region—is set to close July 2024, putting 200 people back to living on the streets.

Our Neighbors


Rising costs, lack of mental health care, and limited affordable housing have left many people without options.

Beyond physical needs, people need support, connection, and a place to belong.

Lighthouse Mission believes that people shouldn’t be alone. Reaching out with Jesus’ love, the Mission comes alongside people to help them heal and transform their lives.

The lease is running out on our Base Camp shelter, which is a temporary solution for the pandemic.

If no permanent building is constructed, half the daily homeless population will be without a caring community that breaks through the isolation of homelessness and offers life-changing services.

But it doesn’t have to be that way—you can take the next step in caring for your neighbors.

How this project will meet the need

We have an urgent opportunity for you to do more to ease the crisis. You can make a two-fold difference in the lives of our neighbors who are homeless:

First, we’ll construct a new Mission building that will more than replace the closing Base Camp shelter. 
Second, we’ll provide enhanced, specialized care to address the needs of families, the elderly, and those who require medical or mental health support.

Let’s do more for our neighbors.

Your support today will help construct a building designed to give dignity and safety, letting the most vulnerable people in our community know they have great value and are loved by God and others.
From outreach to recovery to restoration, your support will help double our impact— building lives, community, faith, and families.

Why now?

This project has been years in the making. Prior to Base Camp, the 100-year-old building on Holly St. known as the “Drop-In Center” was not considered a viable long-term solution. But seeing the growing need, leadership made it work for a time to respond to the increasing numbers of people experiencing homelessness.  
After the pandemic brought on a move to the temporary Base Camp, it was clear that the shelter would not be able to return to the old Drop-In Center building. Since the Base Camp lease ends July 2024, we need to start construction on a new building.
Now is the time to take the next step in helping our community’s homeless neighbors. When we join together to provide the care, connection, and healing that people need, they begin to thrive.

Project Specifics

  • 200 low-barrier beds
  • 100 micro-shelter beds
  • Capacity for 100 additional people in severe weather emergencies
  • Extra meeting rooms for community agencies to offer services
  • Increased laundry capacity
  • Expanded kitchen and storage – to serve 1,200+ meals a day
  • Large outdoor decks with indoor-outdoor fireplaces
  • Medical clinic with three exam rooms
  • Chapel for optional pastoral services, Bible studies and worship 
  • Three storefront businesses that will employ our recovery program graduates

View the project plans

The building will have 15,000 square feet per floor, giving people plenty of space. It is thoughtfully designed with safety in mind with clear sightlines and an abundance of natural light. Each shelter area has open concept, giving flexibility for the ever changing needs, and has access to outdoor decks which will have seating.

Financial Update

Let’s do more to ease the homelessness crisis and transform lives. Learn more about our budget for this project.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$29,000,000Raised $26,906,994 towards the $29,000,000 target.$26,906,994Raised $26,906,994 towards the $29,000,000 target.
Alexis, Agape Home resident (Read her Story)

New Specialized Micro-Shelters

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26 beds

  • 6 Dorm family crisis micro-shelter built to accommodate one-and two-parent families
  • Separate entrance from main shelter
  • Community living kitchenette
  • Play area and private deck

This micro-shelter will give families in crisis the ability to stay together and have the space they need to feel at home while they work to get back on their feet.

Elderly & Medically Fragile

25 Beds

  • Medical respite for 25 men and women
  • Extra space to move around
  • Easy-access to restrooms
  • Additional staff support

In addition to a separate shelter area for people who are elderly or who have special medical needs, the new building will house a medical clinic with three exam rooms. Currently, Base Camp has only one exam room.

Mental & Behavioral Health

25 beds

  • Space for 25 men and women
  • Additional space and staff support
  • Plenty of natural light with a comfortable feel
  • Private decks

Living with so many other people can be difficult for those with mental health conditions. Having extra space and resources ensures they can get the care they need without having to go back to living on the street.

Working Dorm/Flex Use

24 Beds

  • Space for 24 men and women
  • Separate from the main dorm
  • Focused case management
  • Flexible schedule based on their job needs

Base Camp currently only has working dorm space for men, so the new building opens up this option to women. For our guests who work nights or variable schedules, these spaces also offer flexible check-in and a quiet space to sleep.

Endorsements & Partnerships

The Impact

Hear from people directly impacted by the Mission.


Still have questions? Explore all our frequently asked questions or check out our Resources and Media page.

One of the most important ways you can support the campaign is by joining us in prayer, asking that God would provide for this new building. We also encourage you to spread the word about the project amongst family, friends, and neighbors through email, social media, or over coffee.

We accept donations by check or credit/debit card, gifts of stock, property, donor advised funds, pledges (typically over the course of 2-3 years), and more. Contact us for more information.

Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 548, Bellingham, WA 98227 with “New Building Project” in the memo line. Thank you!