Building Lives –

“I was on the streets. I stayed at the Drop-In Center for eight or nine months. I’m bipolar and schizophrenic. And I wasn’t on my medication, and I was fighting to not be on medication.”

For six months, Agape Home staff worked with Shannon to get her to move into Agape. She said, “ I didn’t think that my situation was something where they would be able to help me.”

“I finally said ‘Yes.’”

Shannon began the difficult journey of getting treatment for her mental health conditions. It took some time for her to find the right medication, but when she did Shannon was able to rest and recover at Agape Home.

“Staff have been extremely helpful, each member has ministered to me in a different way. They encouraged me Biblically, helped me get my passport, get my SSI, and been with me every step of the way. I was even able to visit my family.”

Shannon is now living in her own apartment. She said, ” I’ve been taking it one step at a time, I’m learning my routine, what I like to do, and what needs to get done.”

“I loved it at Agape. The community was so warm and it was like home. We had bingo nights and BBQs which were so much fun. There was always someone to talk to. The women are all going through something. When you know you’re not the only one fighting to get your life back on track, other women are too, it’s really encouraging and it leaves you feeling hopeful.”

Shannon’s goals are to stay stable and keep her apartment. She also plans on getting her driver’s license and to continue to reconnect with her family.

You can help build lives.