Building Faith –

Fermin came to the Ascent program in need of a new life during the pandemic.

Because of the hard times caused by the pandemic, he was unemployed and suffering.

The Ascent Program came alongside him during his time of need. He says, “This program has allowed me to restore my faith with God, creating a new man with the tools of life that the Genesis Process helped me develop. Now I find myself in a better place.”

“In the Intern program I’ve allowed God’s grace to flourish through me and am able to help others who are at a place that I once found myself at, Base Camp. 
Thank you Lord.”


Recently, Fermin has been working as an Ascent Program Pursuit Intern, gaining work experience with a specialization at Base Camp.

He is now graduated and we couldn’t be more proud!

His goal is to see himself “worthy of God’s glory and grace and help those who are lost in the world.”

I’ve restored what I’ve lost over the years in the world. God’s grace has allowed me to be the man that I always wanted to be. The man that He created.