Rebecca Mertzig

I encourage the community’s support for the important work the Lighthouse Mission is doing in the City of Bellingham. I also wholeheartedly support their mission to serve those experiencing hunger, substance abuse, homelessness, and mental illness by providing a much needed safe place for our most vulnerable community members.

Alice Clark

I wholeheartedly support the Lighthouse Mission Ministries efforts to create their new Homeless Services Center in Old Town. Their long history of compassionate care combined with acute awareness of the challenges people face on their road to rehabilitation and contribution to our community makes them uniquely qualified to operate this necessary proposed facility.”

Christian Lindbeck

We count LMM among our most key strategic partners in Bellingham. To be more pointed, we can’t see how we could complete our mission to care for the vulnerable in our community without our partnership with LMM. The need is Bellingham is great and only growing. That is why we are 100% behind the campaign for expanding the facility and … Read more

Fr. Jeffrey Moore

Following the Lord’s command to love our neighbor is really hard when we lack the resources or expertise to be helpful to the poor souls who come to us needing services. Being able to refer them to LMM gives me the consolation of knowing that these neighbors of ours will be loved. I appreciated having Base Camp so close and … Read more

Bill Elfo

Your support of this project will lift those on our streets ravaged by drugs, confused by mental illness, and stymied by bad choices, into a safe grace-filled environment that gives them the relationships and tools to thrive. I can’t help but endorse this project.

Dr Greg Baker

I support the Lighthouse Mission and the important role it plays to take care of our community and those in need. We have hundreds of students and families in our school district who are experiencing homelessness, and we know it’s challenging to learn and be engaged in school when basic needs are not being met. Our strategic plan, The Bellingham … Read more

Greg Winter

Lighthouse Mission Ministries has provided a foundation for our partnership to end homelessness for decades. This project creates a right-sized response by improving services in response to the needs of our community. We look forward to strengthening our partnership in the future.

Chris Eltrich

One of the pressing challenges before us as fellow humans is not merely the growing number of people who, through myriad reasons, find themselves homeless, suffering from addiction, experiencing mental health crises, or lacking healthy relationships—but whether or not we choose to see them, love them, and care for them . For over 99 years the Mission has been a … Read more