How is Lighthouse Mission ensuring everyone’s safety?

Having hosted three different crisis shelter locations and buildings, we have learned a lot about how to ensure the safety of those who are homeless, as well those who live and work in the neighborhood. The new building is designed based on those experiences and with safety in mind.  

The site plans use Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), best-practice lighting standards, hourly staff neighborhood walk-abouts, and natural sight lines through the use of strategically placed windows.

There will be one entrance and one exit on the Astor Street side of the property and a separate entrance for families on the southwest side of the building. The facility will have video surveillance, be staffed 24/7, and staff will walk around the building regularly to check on things and pick up litter.

All of these measures will help create a safe environment. We also acknowledge that Mission staff are not law enforcement and we plan to continue working with the Bellingham Police Department when applicable.