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Building Faith –

Going blind and in the throes of addiction to drugs and alcohol, Theroux needed support.  At our Base Camp shelter, he began his recovery journey and started helping out around the shelter.

He then entered the Mission’s Ascent Program, where his recovery journey began in earnest. He began taking care of his diabetes and eye problems, and also got the support he needed to address drug and alcohol issues.

“I decided I wanted to fight to keep my eyes, fight to see, fight to keep living,” he said. “Gaining back my sight was a spiritual wake-up call.”

The Ascent program uses the Genesis Process, an evidence-based relapse prevention program, for substance use and other self-destructive behaviors. It combines biblical teachings with evidence-based clinical practices. This program helped Theroux grow in his faith and in his recovery.

Today Theroux’s medical conditions have greatly improved. He is in recovery and is growing everyday.

As an intern with the Ascent Program, he works at Base Camp and with the Outreach Team helping others.

“I see that man on the sidewalk with no tent, and I understand what he’s feeling,” said Theroux.

He said it feels good to help people who are going through the same things he did while living on the streets. “I know what it’s like to feel real hunger,” he said. “I know how much food means. I know how much water means.”

His goals are to continue to grow in his relationship with God and follow where He leads.

“The Mission changed my life and put me on the path I should be following. I was blind physically and mentally. Now I see.


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